Build Your Best Runner’s Body after having Babies

Even if you pee a little, have diastasis recti, are brand new to running, or are a seasoned runner who just needs a little help navigating the postpartum running trail.

Learn to rebuild strength and return to (or start!) running after pregnancy so that you can run as far and as fast as you want to…

No Pain.  No Peeing.  No Problem.

Regular Price $97

Special Limited Time Offer $57

Can you relate to the Plight of the Mama Runner?


You ran before you were pregnant.  You ran during pregnancy. It seemed logical that after pregnancy, you’d be able to jump right back into running after a few months.


But, you didn’t expect to have pain.  You didn’t expect to feel weak. You didn’t expect that you’d pee your pants at mile 2, or even step 2.  And, you didn’t expect your core would feel like it was going to spill out of your front. 


Mostly,  you didn’t expect to feel so lost in this postpartum body, when all you want to do is lace up your favorite running shoes and go for a run just to feel sane.


There’s nothing so frustrating as being a runner who runs for mental sanity, for an outlet, for health, for fun, for freedom, for mental clarity, but who just can’t run because her body still hurts. 

Let’s change that.

♦Are you ready to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, for good, so that you can run without peeing yourself?

♦ Are you ready to build a super strong body, and muscles that work, so that you can run with confidence and without pain?

♦ Are you ready to love how your body looks and feel confident in how it works when you’re out for a run?


Run Strong Mama

What it is:

power-packed, 6 week, bootcamp-like run and strength training experience that will help you build a strong, fast and working runner’s body. 

What it does:

The Run Strong Mama program will improve your speed, your form, your function, and your strength so that you can run as far and as fast as you want without pain, peeing, or problems.  

And PS – It’s time friendly, too.

Everything you need, Nothing you don’t.

Regular Price: $97

Special Limited Time Offer: $57 

There are core rehab programs for moms.


There are strength training programs for runners.

There are weekly running plans for anyone who wants them.


 But… where are the core rehab/postpartum strength and running programs just for moms?


Until now.

Does this sound familiar….

You Are….

– A new (or not-so-new!) mom who didn’t actually “bounce back” they way you hoped after having your babies.  

– A mom who loves to run, lift, and be strong, but you’re having trouble finding your way back to your fit, strong, running self after pregnancy.

You Have….

– Pain when you run, core or pelvic floor weakness, or “mommy tummy” that just won’t go away.  You pee a little when you run, jump, sneeze, cough or laugh.

You Feel….

– Lost about where to start or what to do to regain your strength, return to running, and feel like yourself again.

– Hopeless, defeated and disconnected from your own body.  

 -Frustrated that you’re putting in so much work to heal your body and not seeing results.

You’ve Tried…

– Going it alone, putting in the miles, but no matter how much you train or how far you run, your body isn’t getting stronger.

– Other running programs that completely ignore the fact that you’re still peeing yourself while running and still running with pain.

– Mainstream / hardcore workouts that stress your core, cause more pain, and make you just go harder and run more when you actually need to do a little rehab first.

You Need:

A step-by-step program with a system of exercises that retrains your body and you muscles to create your best runner’s body ever.

It’s time to find a program that understand the unique strength needs of moms.   

After walking this exact same road, feeling lost, defeated and frustrated, feeling like my body would never heal and I’d never run the same again, I decided to take control and do something about it.

           And now… I’m on a mission to help other moms just like you and me.


No one is teaching you the fundamental changes

that need to happen in your post-baby body

to create real change and run strong.

I’m talking…

♥ breathing

♥ posture

♥ core and glute work to help support and heal diastasis recti

♥ rotational work

♥ single side dynamic movements

♥ and other strength work that every running mom needs.

So, it’s time to change that.

 I used to be in the exact same place you are right now!

I am the mom of 3 (including twins!), and I’m also an avid distance runner. I love marathons.  I’ve run 10 marathons, 2 half marathons, and countless 5 and 10k races. I love running FAST, and I’m always trying to improve my times.  But, after my twins were born, I found myself with a 4 finger DR and a core that just plain didn’t work anymore. My back hurt, my belly pooched, my legs just wouldn’t carry me, and I felt completely lost and unrecognizable in this new body.  All I wanted to do once I hit that 6 week “all clear” mark was to go for a run!

I ran during my twin pregnancy all the way up to 34 weeks, so I was confident that my running-conditioned body would easily return to long mileage soon after the twins were born.

Finally, that 6 week mark came.  Best day ever.  I laced up my favorite running shoes, and headed out the door for what I thought would be my epic running comeback.

I took one step.

It hurt.

Took a second step.

Hurt worse. Like searing pain.

By step number 4 I started to cry.  Everything hurt like a mother.

The still-lax joints in my pelvis.  My core.  My legs. My lungs.  And my pride.

With every step,  I thought my core was going to spill out of the front of my body. Every foot strike sent a pain all the way up to my throbbing head. I thought the ligaments in the front of my pelvis were going to snap in two.  I felt like a huge failure.

I decided it was time to find some answers for my apparent and abundant weaknesses, that were more than just from “still recovering” from pregnancy.

That’s when I embarked on a path of fitness that I didn’t even know existed, and I found some answers.  I realized I was not alone and not abnormal.  Core weakness, pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti, and total body weakness and all the other “stuff” I was dealing with happens to lots of moms.

But, I honestly think it hits runners just a little bit harder.  Because the thing we love to do, that lights us up inside, makes us sane, gives us an outlet, helps us feel fit and strong, is suddenly not possible.  And it sucks.

It was a LONG road to recovery for me, mostly because I was experimenting as I went to find the best most effective approach to recovery.  But I made it.  There was a happy ending, and through my research, education, trial and error, and being my own client, I was able to build a strong runner’s body once again.  Now I run as far and as fast as I want to.  No pain. No peeing. No problem.

And, now that I’ve learned exactly how to get my body strong enough to run again fast, far, and pain-free, I am SO READY to help you have the same resutls… IN FAR LESS TIME.

Once I saw what kind of healing was possible, I then spent years training with the best postpartum specialists and physical therapists in the world.  In addition to being a certified personal trainer, I am a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Postpartum Running Coach, and certified Postpartum Fitness Specialist.

My focus for the past 5 years has been strictly helping moms with restoring function and strength after pregnancy.  I help them get strong so they can run or do anything else they want, while developing a killer core along the way. 

 I’ve learned and developed a proven practice to rebuild strength the right way while training to run. I’m privileged to help other moms do the same thing, and to love running again. My clients have seen excellent results and I love being part of their journey. 

Regular Price $97

Special Limited Time Offer: $57

Imagine if you could:

Run again without pain and without peeing yourself

Train for race while thinking only about your finish time, not whether your body will make it

Build super strong glutes (and get rid of back pain)

Discover the simple daily lifestyle changes that will actually accelerate your run training without you even thinking about it

You don’t need more workouts.

 You need the RIGHT workouts in the RIGHT sequence with the RIGHT run training plan to get results as FAST as possible!

Discover my systematic training method that resets, retrains, and rebuilds your body to run strong and fast. 

You’ll learn:

01.  The missing pieces to training that every moms needs, but nobody is teaching

02.  The step-by-step, building block approach to a strong core-glute system specifically for runners

03. The run plans that take you from zero to “as fast and as far as you want” in only 6 weeks

It’s time to Run Strong, Mama.


The Foundation Lab ($77 value)

The Workout Lab ($47 value)

The Running Lab ($47 value)

The Warmup/Stretch Lab ($47 value)

6 Week Full Training Schedule ($57 value)

3 Run Level Plans ($47 value)

Tutorials, Bonus material, and extra coaching ($97 value)


Running with a Stroller ebook and tutorial ($37 value)

The Ultimate Runner’s Toolkit ($27 value)

Beyond the Six (an additional 6 week run plan!) ($57 value)

Total Value $540

Regular Price $97

Special Limited Time Pricing $57


The Foundation Lab ($77 value)

The Workout Lab ($47 value)

The Running Lab ($47 value)

The Warmup/Stretch Lab ($47 value)

6 Week Full Training Schedule ($57 value)

3 Run Level Plans ($47 value)

Tutorials, Bonus material, and extra coaching ($97 value)


Running with a Stroller ebook and tutorial ($37 value)

The Ultimate Runner’s Toolkit ($27 value)

Beyond the Six – an additional 6 week run plan ($57 value)

Total Value $540

Regular Price $97

Special Limited Time Pricing $57

There are 3 Key Pillars when it comes to  running after babies

Pillar 1: You must have super good breathing patterns and excellent running form, otherwise you’re likely to pee yourself.

Pillar 2: Your core and pelvic floor strength needs to be on point, otherwise you could be making a weak core even weaker when you run.

Pillar 3: Glutes, Glutes, and more Glute strength, otherwise you’ll be running with back pain, tight hip flexors and a host of other imbalances.

Yep, you guessed it…Run Strong Mama helps with ALL of the above.

What's Included:

Six weeks of everything  you need to run strong, fast, and injury free.

The Foundation Lab

First things first – you’ve got to tackle your running form.  Form and breath breakdown leads to pain, peeing, and a poochy belly.  I’ve had so many clients have breakthrough in this section alone.  It’s a gold mine of info.

The Workout Lab

This is where you’ll build your strong running body from the ground up.  We’ll work the core, the glutes, and just about everything else.  You’ll be doing specific, strategic exercises that runners need.  

The Running Lab

This is where the magic happens!  Choose from three different expertly crafted run training interval plans to build your running base,  and then it’s off to the races for you :). Choose your level: Starter, Runner, Racer.  No matter where your start point is, there’s a plan for you.

The Warmup/Stretch Lab

Here we’ll tackle the entire body – from our feet to head with stretches and warmups that will waken, loosen, and unwind any every muscle that needs a little TLC.

The Training Plan

You’ll get a written 6 week training calendar that tells you exactly what to do every day during the program.  When to run, when to train, when to rest.  Nothing is left in the dark.


The core and glute workouts are not a separate section, but the workouts are just so darn cool, I had to mention them.  You’ll get 3 separate Core/Glutes Workouts that will seriously blow your mind, turn on your glutes like nobody’s business, and give you a rock solid core.  You can’t run without these things, so core and glutes are a priority in Run Strong Mama!

And grab these super amazing bonuses when you join during this limited time offer:

Bonus 1 - Running with a Stroller ebook

Got babies that have to go running with you? I’ve got you covered!  You’ll get my Stroller Running ebook free with Run Strong Mama.  Learn the best way to hold your body while pushing the stroller, and how to pace yourself, and how to overcome the imbalances that happen with stroller running. Learn to love pushing that extra load when you head out the door!

Bonus 2 - The Ultimate Runner's Toolkit

Get the inside scoop on my well-researched running gear that will make your life and your runs so much better!

Bonus 4 - Beyond the Six

So… what happens after the 6 week program is over? Even more amazingness.  I’ve included this bonus so that you’ll be setup for success when you complete the program.  Extra Workouts and sprint work to keep your run game strong and constantly improving. 


OPTIONAL - Facebook Coaching Group

When you click the button to join, at checkout you’ll have the option join our private runner’s only Facebook Coaching Group where you’ll get access to me and the other amazing mama runners who are crushing their running goals every week. You’ll get extra coaching, personal attention, trouble shooting your workouts and run challenges, and a whole lotta fun.  🙂  The Group Coaching option is regularly $297, but it’s currently on special limited time pricing for only $97.

Ready? Let’s Go.

Regular price $97 

Run Strong Mama is available at this special pricing for a limited time. Grab it now.

You will:

♥ Stop peeing during your runs

♥ Find your running mojo

♥ Build strength and muscle

♥ Heal your diastasis recti (ab separation)

♥ Feel confident in yourself and your capabilities

♥ Discover an exercise program that fits your life and your schedule

♥Run as fast and as fast as you want to – no pain, no peeing, no problem


What People are Saying…

“…I just ran 4.5 and NO leaking, no issues.  I think my posture was the biggest issue.  I had to reset a couple times during the run but I felt great!! Oh, my gosh! This program…”


Mom of 2

“…This program is so ingenious and so well put together and so fun!! ❤️


Mom of 5

“These workouts are fun and kick my butt…”


Posture and Alignment Specialist

“I did it! Ran my 2 minutes every round!”


Mom of 5

 “I’m so happy to have met you and train with you. I never thought I would see my mid section getting stronger and flatter.”


Mom of 3

“I loved  loved loved this week’s drills! I love gentle movements that make me feel muscles that I had almost begun to doubt even existed!!! ❤️


Mom of 6

This is my forced smile because I’m tired but truly happy 😆 underneath the fatigue. Week 5 day 2 done! Ran 4 miles Saturday to prep for my 5 minutes of running at 4 miles….enjoying getting stronger.  💜💕Love the program!


Mom of 3

This All Sounds Great, But…

Question #1: Will this work for me?

Listen.  Every mom’s body is different and responds to exercise differently, and of course I can never guarantee results through a computer screen.  BUT, that being said, I and my clients and the mamas who’ve joined this program have seen really wonderful results.  They are getting strong. Their core is healing and their DR is closing.  They’ve completely STOPPED peeing during all activities. The exercises and the run training in this program set the groundwork for a strong body and firm foundation so you can run however you like.  And, the other BUT – you must do the work!  I will provide PLENTY of tools, workouts, support, encouragement, accountability and a ton of fun to keep you engaged, but no one can come to your house and make you show up to do the work.  I commit to be the BEST support system, you commit to DO THE WORK, and your results will be unstoppable.  It will only take you 6 weeks to go from zero to running with Run Strong Mama. 

Question 2: I have diastasis recti. Can I still run?

As a general rule, please always check with your healthcare provider before beginning this or ANY exercise program.  That being said, yes, if you have diastasis, and you’ve been working on rehabbing it, and it’s fairly functional (aka, you can manage pressure), then you can do this program.  I’ve specifically designed the run plan and the workouts to not only be DR safe, but also to help you continue to heal.  But, if you haven’t done any DR rehab work, if you have a severe diastasis, or a very weak core that can’t handle any pressure at all, my 4 Week Core Corrective Program would be a better fit for you first, then do Run Strong Mama.  Healing first is always the best way.

Question #3: How much time do I commit each day?

Each day will be different!  If it’s a strength day – anywhere between 6-20 minutes or more if you do extra sets of the circuits.  That’s up to you.  On run days, it will take you 20-35 minutes, and then longer when you progress to longer runs.  Remember, the goal of the program is to get you running as long as you want to, so there’s no certain time commitment required. Just show up, do your strength training and your runs, and you’ll be loving carving out time in your day for this program and these workouts.  I promise. 🙂

Question #4: What equipment will I need?

The entire Run Strong Mama program can be done at home and on the road!  However, you’ll need some small equipment.  Below are the essentials:

 – A resistance band loop

 – Small pilates ball (or kid’s ball – something you can squeeze)

– Long resistance band

 – Resistance band with handles,

– Dumbbells, your choice, between 3-15lbs. 

Question #5: How is this program different from others?

Oh my gosh, it’s different in so many ways!  The workouts and drills have been strategically created and ordered to build on one another in a way that makes your body work as a system.  For example, you can’t jump into core work if you’re still compensating for those moves with your back muscles! We will be reigniting your systems and your muscles to fire when needed, turn off the muscles that shouldn’t be working, and awaken the muscles you need for a strong, fit and functional core and pelvic floor (the foundation of a strong runner’s body).  From there you build your runner’s body. We focus on strength training that includes anti-rotation, dynamic movements, single-sided work, glutes galore and more.  Then, there’s the run training!  This is not a program that just tells you to go run.  No way.  There are 3 run plans to choose from, depending on your level.  The runs are strategically designed to help you improve your stamina and perfect your form at the same time so that there will be no leaking along the way!  No other program is ordered the way my program is.  And no other program gives you an option to have direct access to the expert (me) to actually show up for you live and give you personal attention EVERY.SINGLE.DAY during your first 6 weeks.  Because fitness programs only work if you do them correctly.  I make sure you are doing it right so that you get real results.  You will love it.  **note – direct access to me comes only with the group coaching option, which is currently on sale for $97)**


Question #6: I've never run before. Will this help me get started?

Oh my goodness YES!  This is the perfect program for beginners.  When you join, you’ll get to choose from 3 different running levels: Starter, Runner, or Racer.  If you want to learn how to run, this program will teach you the proper mechanics from the get-go!  And show you how to strength train to make your runs a breeze!  You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily you’ll get up to speed and be running better than you ever thought you could.

Question #7: I'm a running pro. How will this help me?

If you’re a total running expert with absolutely zero pain, zero leaking, zero problem with form and breathing, and are ready to run with the olympians, then there’s probably not much in the program that you haven’t heard before.  BUT, my guess is that you’re here becuase having babies threw your running for a loop and there are some imbalances and weaknesses that are getting you down.  If that’s the case – even if you know how to run, then this program will absolutely help you.  We will reset your core, your posture, your breath, your glute strength, and just about everything else to help you run as far and as fast as you want with no pain.  You can choose the Runner or Racer level plan inside the program if you like to run long distance.  We definitely won’t hinder your mileage or your pace – we’ll just help you get stronger and run more effectively.


Fun Fact – I’ve done a masterclass running workshop with Pro Masters Runner Jen St. Jean.  She runs a 5 minute mile.  Even she needed just a bit of coaching when it came to core/pelvic floor rehab.  🙂

Question #8: What do I do when the 6 weeks are over?

You will have unlimited access to your Run Strong Mama program. You can repeat it in whatever order you’d like as many times as you like!  The strength work will never get old and you can progress to make it harder. At the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll be running like a champ, but there will always be ways to continue to work with me, or just go it alone with the fantastic tools you’ll have in the RSM program. Plus, I’ve included the “Beyond the 6” bonus to help you continue on you run strong journey for an extra 6 weeks.

Question #9: Now's just not the right time. How long will Run Strong Mama be at this price?

Listen, NOW is always the best time to join. Why? Because timing will never be perfect for anything.  You can always put stuff off.  These 6 weeks will come and go whether you invest in yourself and this program or not. The question is, do you want to be in the same place in 6 weeks, frustrated with your runs (or not running at all), or do you want to have built a killer runner’s body and be running fast and free?  That’s a decision only you can make, but I’m here to tell you, I KNOW for a fact this program will be everything you hoped for.  Just ask one of the mamas who’s already seen the effects of committing to herself and the program.  Remember, if you buy the program today, you will be guaranteed the low price of $57 (price is increasing soon), but you can start whenever you want to!  Doesn’t have to be right away.  It’s your program.  Your time, your life. Your schedule.  If now doesn’t feel right, wait until you’re ready.  Just don’t miss getting this program now at this insane deal.  The price will be increasing soon and I want you to have it for the best value possible.  

We hope you’ll join us.  You won’t regret it. 🙂

Question #10: I still have questions. What should I do?

Email me!  Or join our our free Facebook group and ask! I care so much about each of my moms.  I am personally invested in you and I obsess over your results for your entire 6 week journey.  



Because I KNOW you’ll love Run Strong Mama, I’ve got you covered!  Join Run Strong Mama today, and if you just don’t love it for any reason, send me an email in the first 10 days and I’ll send you a full refund. 

No hassle. No problem.

Run Strong Mama is for you IF:

  • You love to run
  • You want to start running
  • You’ve had babies
  • You have diastasis recti (ab separation)
  • You pee when you run, jump, sneeze, cough or laugh
  • You need the most quick, effective, targeted program that can strengthen your body and get you running happy and pain-free in only 6 weeks

This 6 week run bootcamp is packed with the exact tools and exercises you’ll need to build a strong runner’s body. From form to breath to glutes to runs to feet… we cover it all!


Ready? Let’s Go.

Regular price $97 

Run Strong Mama is available at this special pricing for a limited time. Grab it now.


THE PROGRAM:        

The Foundation Lab ($27 value)

The Workout Lab ($47 value)

The Running Lab ($47 value)

The Warmup/Stretch Lab ($47 value)

6 Week Full Training Schedule ($37 value)

3 Run Level Plans ($77 value)

Tutorials, Bonus material, and extra coaching ($97 value)


Running with a Stroller ebook and tutorial ($47 value)

The Ultimate Runner’s Toolkit ($37 value)

Beyond the Six ($57 value)

Regular Price: $97

Special Limited Time Offer: $57

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Disclaimer and Warnings:

Check with your healthcare provider before beginning this or any exercise program. The Run Strong program and all my programs are based on my professional education and personal experience. Not every program or exercise is right for every person, so you MUST consult with your healthcare provider before doing any exercises listed here. This is not a substitute for any kind of medical/professional advice. You exercise at your own risk and take full responsibility for how your body responds to these or any exercises. You agree to hold Suzanne Edwards and AlphaMamas Fitness, LLC completely harmless and not liable for any and all injuries that might occur as a result of your movements.

The Run Strong Mama program is for information purposes only and not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or heal any diseases, illnesses, ailments, physical injuries or abnormalities.  By purchasing The Run Strong Mama Program, you expressly acknowledge that you have checked with your healthcare provider and have been cleared by them to participate in this program.


See more about warning/disclaimers/terms and conditions here.


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