Core and Pelvic Floor Strength for Moms.


Get the exact system of exercises you need to strengthen your core and pelvic floor,  heal diastasis recti, and get strong, fit and functional.

Do all the fitness-y things you love again without spending hours at the gym, doing Kegels, or stressing!

Core and Pelvic Floor Strength for Moms.



Get the exact system of exercises you need to strengthen your core and pelvic floor,  heal diastasis recti, and get strong, fit and functional.

Do all the active things you love again without spending hours at the gym, doing Kegels, or stressing.

You Are….

– A new (or not-so-new!) mom who didn’t actually “bounce back” they way you hoped after having your babies.  

– Busy and don’t have time to spend hours working on your core and pelvic floor rehab.  

You Have….

– Diastasis recti (ab separation), core or pelvic floor weakness, a “mommy tummy” that just won’t go away, no matter how many crunches you do.   You pee a little when you run, jump, sneeze, cough or laugh.

You Feel….

– Lost and frustrated about where to start or what to do to regain your core strength, return to your favorite fitness and feel like yourself again.

– Hopeless, defeated and disconnected from your own body.  

 -Frustrated that you’re putting in so much work to heal your core and not seeing results.


You’ve Tried…

– Mainstream / hardcore / high intensity workouts that stress your core, cause pain, and make you feel frustrated and defeated, and even make you pee during exercise.

– Postpartum workouts that take 20, 30, or 40 minutes a day and don’t actually feel like a workout at all.

– Online core/pelvic floor programs that leave you to figure it out by yourself.  You have the exercises, but no one to tell you if you’re doing it right.

– Changing your diet and eating clean, only to find that nothing gets rid of that poochy belly.

You Need:

– A step-by-step program that fits into your schedule and produces actual results in very little time. 

You’ve tried to “fix it yourself” but things aren’t getting better. 


You don’t even know where to begin to “fix it” yourself.



    And on top of all that…


You’ve spent money on programs and books and exercises and diets to try to restore your body on your own.  But it’s really hard to stay accountable when you’re completely on your own at home, just following another exercise video.

It’s time to find something that works, that’s simple, that fits into your life. 

       I hear you and it doesn’t                                       have to be this way!

          After walking this exact same road, feeling lost, defeated and                                                                    frustrated, feeling like my body wasn’t cooperating after                                                                              trying every core rehab program under the sun,                                                                                                 feeling like my diastasis would never heal,                                                                                     I decided to take control and do something about it.

           And now… I’m on a mission to help other moms just like me.



    I hear you and it doesn’t have to be this way!

 After walking this exact same road, feeling lost, defeated and frustrated, feeling like my body wasn’t cooperating after trying every core rehab program under the sun, feeling like my diastasis would never heal, I decided to take control and do something about it.

 And now… I’m on a mission to help other moms just like you and me.


Hi, I’m Suzie!

I used to be in the exact same place you are right now!

I am the mom of boy/girl twins and a third baby girl. I have been training mamas and obsessing over their results for the past 5 years.  After my twins were born, I found myself with a 4 finger DR and a core that just plain didn’t work anymore.  My back hurt, my belly pooched, and I felt completely lost and unrecognizable in this new body.  My OB told me that I’d probably need surgery.  He said to wait to 2 years and see if I still cared about my belly pooch then do surgery that point. Worst.advice.ever.  As an avid fitness coach and fan, distance runner, and mom who actually wants a body that works, of course I cared! 
 I went home that day from the doctor and started googling.  I began learning at warp-speed and educated myself on all things postpartum.  I regained function, closed my DR to 2 fingers, and was able to run again without pain.  I’ve spent years training with the best postpartum specialists and physical therapists in the world.  In addition to being a certified personal trainer, I am a post partum fitness coach, certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, certified MUTU Pro™, and certified Postpartum Fitness Specialist.  My focus for the past 5 years has been strictly helping moms with restoring function and fitness after childbirth.  And getting strong.  As strong as they want, while developing a killer core along the way.
I’ve learned and developed a proven practice to correcting diastasis and building a strong core in the process.  I’m privileged to help other moms get strong, fit and functional, and to love their body again. My clients have seen excellent results and I love being part of their journey.  And, I’m happy to report that I was able to rehab and strengthen my abs, core, and pelvic floor without surgery!  I want to teach you exactly how to do that too.

Imagine if you could:

Run again without pain

… Sneeze or laugh or cough without peeing yourself

Feel confident in how your body looks, feels and functions

Flatten your belly and heal your diastasis

Discover the simple daily lifestyle changes that will actually accelerate your core healing without you even thinking about it

Take control of your time and your workouts

Keep up with your kids on the playground, in the yard and everywhere else you go.

Do any and every hard, active thing you want without thinking twice about pain or injury

… Workout in your own home, on your schedule in only a few minutes a day and still see and feel amazing results and changes in your body.

… Have an expert core/pelvic floor coach on call to help you with every step.  (I’m talking access like you’d have if you paid a personal trainer!)


How would it feel to just feel like yourself again?

There’s a way you can.  



Hiring a personal trainer

Spending a ton of money

Wasting a ton of time

You will:

√  Reconnect with your body

√  Get a strong core and pelvic floor 

√  Build strength and muscle

√  Heal your diastasis recti (ab separation)

√  Feel confident in yourself and your capabilities

√  Discover an exercise program that fits your life and your schedule.


                                                      Get strong, fit and confident.  Feel like yourself again.                                                                                                                                        And do it all with a fitness plan that fits your life.






 Get strong, fit and confident. Feel like yourself again.   And do it all with a fitness plan that fits your life.




Core Strong Mama

A Fitness Adventure like no other.

A step-by-step online 12 week core and pelvic floor workout program that takes you through the exact steps you’ll need to heal, strengthen and restore your body to function and strength.  Get strong, get fit, get functional all in just minutes a day.

What's Included:

3 Modules (4 weeks each module, a total of 12 weeks) that make up the Foundational Work you need to heal, restore. strengthen. and build a super-amazing, totally functional, and wonderfully strong body.  Each module will take you about a month to complete. (And yes, this includes correcting diastasis recti and pelvic floor weakness!)

Module 1 - Breathing and Posture Foundations

Did you know that correct breathing and posture alone can actually heal a diastasis?  These pillars are CRUCIAL for proper core and pelvic floor function.  But don’t discout these exercises just because they involved breathing!  You’ll feel your deep ab muscles like never before.  We’ll spend an entire month on this module and your body will feel, function, and look a thousand times better and be ready for the next phase.

Module 2: Core and Pelvic Floor Strength

This module is all about the good stuff!  You’ll find your deep abs and your pelvic floor, then turn them on to fire exactly the way they should.  We’ll be tackling the fascia here too, to tighten everything right up!  

Module 3 - Recruit your Glutes

Strong glutes are directly tied to a strong and functional pelvic floor.  We will build a strong, toned, and great looking backside to support your core and your entire body.  Glutes are not just for show!  But, boy will your butt look great. 🙂

Weekly Workouts

Four Workouts per month for total body toning.  These workouts can be done right at home with minimal equipment.  The workouts are uniquely designed to maximize results in very little time.  Whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes, you’ll get a a great heart pumping, sweat inducing workout!

LIVE Virtual Group Coaching Calls ($330 Value)

This is absolutely the BEST PART of the program.  When you join Core Strong Mama, you will not be left alone to figure it all out by yourself!  This is NOT a self-study fitness course.  Join me every single week for 12 weeks on a live coaching call where we will work through your exercises, drills, and workouts together, trouble shoot specifically for you, answer all your questions and have a ton of fun. It’s basically a weekly personal training session in a group setting from your home.  It doesn’t get better than that!  

And grab these Bonuses if you join before Sept 26!

Bonus 1 - The Ultimate Guide to Postpartum Running ($87 Value)

If you love to run, want to start running or just interested in postpartum running and walking considerations, this bonus is for you!  We cover everything from returning to running after pregnancy to stroller running, to returning to racing to proper alignment as you walk and run.  You’ll also get to hear from Professional Master Runner Jen St Jean.

Bonus 2 - The Clean Eating Transition Kit ($75 value)

The Clean Eating Transition Kit is a 4 week clean eating guide with foods, meals, and recipes to get you started filling your pantry with clean foods and transitioning to making healthy meals!  It’s got everything you need for a great 4 week jumpstart that will put you on the right track to long term sustainable healthy food habits!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ And it’s yours free when you join Core Strong Mama! ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Core Strong Mama

gives you all the tools to you need to get fit, strong and functional, heal your diastasis and your pelvic floor, and build muscle.  You’ll feel strong and confident in your body.  And you’ll do it in only a few minutes a day, on your schedule.

Ready? Let's Go.

Regular price $77 

The Core Corrective is available at this special pricing for a limited time. Grab it now.

   Change your body, flatten your belly, get strong, improve your mindset,     and gain confidence for only $1.07 per day.  

What People Are Saying…

“Something has really clicked with me with consistency like it never has before being in this group. I’m so thankful for the accountability and fresh new ideas each day to keep the momentum going! I lost 4 pounds… – and those were 4 lbs I had been trying to loose for about 2 years so I’m super excited!!!” 


Mom of 3

“…This program is so ingenious and so well put together and so fun!! ❤️


Mom of 5

“These workouts are fun and kick my butt…”


Posture and Alignment Specialist

“It was so encouraging being able to see my core strengthening over just a few weeks. At the beginning of the week there would be so little movement and by the end of a week I could see a huge improvement! Thank you for always encouraging me to move forward and not look back, to jump right back in if I missed a day and to never give up! I enjoyed our zoom calls and getting personalized help as well! Thank you again! I look forward to the next few months working with you too!


Mom of 5

 “I’m so happy to have met you and train with you. I never thought I would see my mid section getting stronger and flatter.”


Mom of 3

“I loved  loved loved this week’s drills! I love gentle movements that make me feel muscles that I had almost begun to doubt even existed!!! ❤️


Mom of 6

“I have been training with Suzanne for 2 years now and it has been a wonderful experience. After giving birth to my third child, I was diagnosed with diastasis and was having a considerable amount of pain especially when I worked out.  Once she started customizing workout plans for me that have helped me reach my fitness goals and fit into my busy life. She checks in with me monthly and adjusts my plan around my goals and what I have going on. It has been a wonderful fit me and I would highly recommend her as a trainer.”


Military Spouse, Mom of 3

“By the time you complete the Core Strong Mama Program, you will have all the tools you need to be strong, fit, confident and excited about a body that works for you.”

Suzie Edwards, Creator of the Core Strong Mama

This All Sounds Great But…

Question #1: Will this work for me?

Listen.  The answer is YES! BUT, you must do the work!  I will provide PLENTY of support, encouragement, accountability and a ton of fun to keep you engaged, but no one can come to your house and make you show up to do the work.  I commit to be the BEST support system, you commit to DO THE WORK, and your results will be unstoppable.

Question #2: How much time do I commit each day?

That’s the beauty of the Core Strong Mama Program!  The program has been designed in short drills and circuits, so that you can complete your exercises and workouts in 5-30 minutes per day. Literally, you only need 5-7 minutes  complete the module drills and get results..  From there, it’s up to you how much time you have!  Divide the workouts up into different 5 minute bursts per day.  Or do it all in 30 minutes in the morning.  It’s completely up to you and no matter how you do it, it will work for you!

Question #3: What equipment will I need?

The entire Core Strong Mama Program can be done at home!  However, you’ll need some small equipment.  A loopy band, small ball (kid’s ball) long resistance band or handle band, and dumbbells are ideal.  I’ll be giving away some of this equipment for FREE during the cart open period, so join our Facebook group to have a chance at some great giveaways!

Question #4: How is this program different from others?

Oh my gosh, it’s different in so many ways!  The drills have been strategically created and ordered to build on one another in a way that makes your body work as a system.  For example, you can’t jump into core work if you’re still compensating for those moves with your back muscles! We will be reigniting your systems and your muscles to fire when needed, turn off the muscles that shouldn’t be working, and awaken the muscles you need for a strong, fit and functional core and pelvic floor.  From there you can build a strong amazing body. 🙂  No other program is ordered the way Core Strong Mama is.  And no other program gives you direct access to the expert (me) to actually show up for you live and give you personal attention EVERY.SINGLE.DAY throughout the 12 week course.  Because fitness programs only work if you do them correctly.  I make sure you are doing it right so that you get real results. The live coaching calls every other week will basically be a personal training just for the moms who show up live.  You will love it.


Question #5: What's the VIP Package?

You get the full Core Strong Mama Course with Modules, Workouts, Drills, group coaching calls and bonuses in both programs.  However, the VIP Package also includes three 1-1 personal coaching calls with me to really get the most value out of your experience. This is your best option if you want to go deep and dramatically change your body.  Due to time constraints, this option is only available to the first 8 mamas who sign up for it.

Question #6: What do I do when the 12 weeks are over?

Core Strong Mama has a membership option.  At the end of the 12 weeks If you love the 12 week program (which you will) and just never want it to end (which you won’t), you will be invited to join us forever at the founding member monthly discount price!  You’ll be getting an email with all the details toward the end of this program. Stay tuned!

Question #7: Now's just not the right time. When will Core Strong Mama open again?

Core Strong Mama is currently open until September 27th.  After that, the doors will close so I can fully invest in all the beautiful mamas and be sure they get results.  Core Strong Mama will reopen in the Spring of 2020.  Of course, I always think NOW is the best time to enroll. Why? Because timing will never be perfect for anything.  You can always put stuff off.  The 12 weeks will come and go whether you invest in yourself and this program or not. The question is, do you want to be in the same place in 12 weeks, or do you want to have made significant progress with your health and fitness goals and gain confidence along the way?  That’s a decision only you can make, but I’m here to tell you, I KNOW for a fact this program will be everything you hoped for.  Just ask one of the mamas who’s already seen the effects of committing to herself and the program.  We hope you’ll join us.  You won’t regret it. 🙂

Question #8: I still have questions. What should I do?

Email me!  Call me!  Ask them in our Facebook group.  I care so much about each of my moms.  I am personally invested in you and I obsess over your results for the entire 12 weeks.  That’s why Core Strong Mama is only opened 3 times per year.  Because I’m fully committed to the CSM members while we go through the program together!  I’m serious about the emails and calls.  Email me at  I’ll personally respond.  Call me at 480-382-8773.  I’ll pick up the phone myself!  Or ask all your question in the Facebook Group!

Ready? Let's Go.

Regular price $77 

The Core Corrective is available at this special pricing for a limited time. Grab it now.



Because I KNOW you’ll love the Core Strong Mama Program, I’ve got you covered!  Join Core Strong Mama, participate in the program, the calls, the group, everything, and if you just don’t love it for any reason, send me an email in the first 7 days and I’ll send you a full refund. 

No questions. No problem.

Just to be clear….Here’s what you get:


Core Strong Mama Program: $129

That’s only  $1.43/day


1) 3 four-week Modules ( 12 week total)

  • Module 1: Breathing & posture
  • Module 2: Core & pelvic floor
  • Module 3: Glutes

2) Weekly workouts that will:

  • Rev your metabolism
  • Build and tone your entire body

3) Live group coaching calls every other week with me

  • Trouble shoot and improve your exercises.

4) Facebook group for support

Option to join the Core Strong Mama Membership at the end of the 12 weeks for ongoing support  to get you to the next level.

All for only $129!!!


 Core Strong Mama Program +



You get the entire Core Strong Mama Program


3 Personal, 1:1 Private Coaching Calls with me 

to go deeper into your training, core and pelvic floor rehab and strength building for the very best results. (limited to only the first 6 who sign up)

Why Core Strong Mama is Different than other online programs:



Core Strong Mama is uniquely designed to be done in very effective, short, targeted circuits.  Whether you’re working through the core drills or the workouts, you can get it done in 5-30 minutes per day, and you can split those minutes up!

5 minutes here, 10 there, etc.  No matter how you slice it, you’ll still get the best results.


The most valuable part of Core Strong Mama is your access to me, live, every weekday in our Facebook group and every other week on a call with you.   I teach throughout the entire program.  That’s why enrollment only happens 3 times a year. I close the doors to Core Strong Mama so that we go through the program together, at the same time, which allows me to fully invest in your results and take you step by step through it.  Other programs give you the exercises, but knowing HOW to do them correctly is crucial.  With Core Strong Mama, you know you’ll be doing it right because I’ll be there to show you!

Not only that, but having a coach to hold you accountable, cheer you on, celebrate your success, help you create a positive mindset, give you some tough love, and keep you going when you want to quit is nothing short of invaluable.  I’m 100% committed to your success for the entire 12 weeks.  


My unique exercise system approaches healing your body after pregnancy in a way that restores, rehabs, and recruits the correct muscles to reset your body’s ability to function correctly and heal itself.  It’s a whole body approach so that you get fit and strong and love how your body moves, looks, and feels.

Ready? Let's Go.

Regular price $77 

The Core Corrective is available at this special pricing for a limited time. Grab it now.

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