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A Christmas Fitness Challenge Like No Other.

A surprisingly simple system to stay on track with your fitness goals, look great, and feel amazing during the holidays (without spending hours at the gym or going on a depressing diet)

Your terms, your goals, a little lee-way, and my help.

Spots are limited! Register today!

Sign up below to join me and other super fun moms as we support each other through the holiday season with our fitness and nutrition goals (with a little room for splurges and parties!)


A little strategic planning + a solid accountability system = a happy, healthy fit holiday season + no worries about weight gain.

Happening Dec 2-Jan 3

Here’s what we’ll do:

Once the challenge starts on December 1, you will receive all the tools you need to create a solid fitness plan to not only keep you on track during the holidays, BUT also help you CRUSH your goals.

– custom workouts

– nutrition habits

– prayer / gratitude

– custom personal goals

– sleep

– water intake


Every day

Use my super amazing, unique tracking system to  create actionable, doable, exciting and results-driven goals to ensure your success. 

Every week

there are points and prizes!  You will receive an email update of the points standings and a shout-out to the FITmas Mama of the week (who will undoubtedly be showered with praise and prizes.)

Every day

Head to our facebook group and celebrate your daily wins, your big accomplishments, ask questions, cheer each other on, swap recipes and workouts and encouragement for staying on track, etc. 

Plus have the chance to be the featured FITmas Mama of the week!

And if you need one more reason:

You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of other like-minded mamas and ME!  We will make this holiday season fitness-fail-proof together in a private Facebook Group! 

When I track my own goals using this system, here’s what I and my group members experienced:

 Motivation and Drive to complete the challenge with 100% success

 – A really enjoyable experience where the goals felt like fun, NOT a strict diet or workout plan.

 – Actionable steps I could actually follow and goals I wanted to hit because I created them myself using this system!

 – 4lb weight loss, and 1 inch gone around my middle

 – a stronger core

 – sugar cravings gone

 – new habits created

But wait just a minute…. who the heck am I anyway?
Hi! I’m Suzie!
I’m the mom of boy/girl twins and a third baby girl. I have been training mamas and obsessing over their results for the past 5 years.  After my twins were born, I found myself with a 4 finger DR and a core that just plain didn’t work anymore.  My back hurt, my belly pooched, and I felt completely lost and unrecognizable in this new body.  My OB told me that I’d probably need surgery.  He said to wait to 2 years and see if I still cared about my belly pooch then do surgery that point. Worst.advice.ever.  As an avid fitness coach and fan, distance runner, and mom who actually wants a body that works, of course I cared! 
 I went home that day from the doctor and started googling.  I began learning at warp-speed and educated myself on all things postpartum.  I regained function, closed my DR to 2 fingers, and was able to run again without pain.  I’ve spent years training with the best postpartum specialists and physical therapists in the world.  In addition to being a certified personal trainer, I am a post partum fitness coach, certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, certified MUTU Pro™, and certified Postpartum Fitness Specialist.  My focus for the past 5 years has been strictly helping moms with restoring function and fitness after childbirth.  And getting strong.  As strong as they want, while developing a killer core along the way.
I’ve learned and developed a proven practice to correcting diastasis and building a strong core in the process.  I’m privileged to help other moms get strong, fit and functional, and to love their body again. My clients have seen excellent results and I love being part of their journey.  And, I’m happy to report that I was able to rehab and strengthen my abs, core, and pelvic floor without surgery!  I want to teach you exactly how to do that too.

What’s the magic system behind the

31-day fitmas challenge?


exactly what you want to stay on track with during December.  It’s your life.  Pick what you need.  I’ll provide the means to make you stick to it! 


your month by getting bird’s-eye-view, pre-planning, setting and writing down goals, then watch them unfold like Christmas magic.

Pick out

an accountability buddy!  Share the challenge with your friends! Yes, you’ll get help in the Facebook Group, but it is a proven fact that you’ll be successful when you have  your own personal buddy
(don’t worry if you don’t have one at the start.  You’ll find your new best friend in the group!)


your day to day activities with my number one secret weapon system that virtually keeps you on track by itself!  Except – oh yeah – the actually-doing-it part is your job)


in the holly jolly joy of a stress-free, goal-acheived, happy-body, I-feel-amazing Christmas season.  You can do this!


All it takes to win is to DO THE WORK. The Challenge will operate on a point system.  Everyone who acheives a certain number of points will be entered to win the grand prize drawing :

  • A 30 Minute Private Coaching Session with me 
  • One of my online programs of your choice
  • An at-home fitness equipment kit
  • 30 Days FREE access to my paid private coaching group

Value – Up to $795

It’s going to be awesome.

Get healthy, stay on track, feel amazing, win stuff. have a stress-free and joyful holiday.



YOUR amazing transformation story here!   🙂

The 31 Days of FITmas Challenge.

Joy. Strength. Results.

Let’s go. 

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